Parent – Coach Communication Guide


  1. Parents and players should use the following procedures if concerns arise regarding a possible coach/player/parent conflict.
    1. The student and/or parent should contact the coach to discuss the situation. This meeting should be private, away from the practice/game site and should be conducted face to face.
    2.  If the student and/or parent do not feel satisfied, they should contact the Athletic Director
    3. If there is not resolution to the concern of the player and/or parent after talking with the Athletic Director, the player and/or parent may request to meet with the Principal for further review.
    4. At this point in the process, individuals who still believe their disputes are not resolved can submit a written narrative of their complaint to the school Superintendent. A copy of this will be given to all parties, who will be afforded the option of a written rebuttal. After the superintendent has reviewed the documents he can conduct a meeting in a final attempt to resolve the conflict.